Lowe’s TT #2

It occurred to me this weekend I hadn’t updated my blog in a while.  I’ve been a super busy girl, though y’all probably get tired of reading that every week.  But it’s true!

A quick recap of the TT this week as I stated I’d update monthly with how it went.  I was skeptical all day of doing the ride since the weather was crappy and I didn’t find it necessary to ride all out, wet roads, about 3 weeks from my first big race of the season (or ever, for that matter).  About 5:20 I looked outside and it was actually pretty nice out. I decided on a whim, after leaning all day towards not going, to just HTFU and head to the track.

I’m happy to report this past weeks TT was a big success.  The wind sucked at the April race so I thought I’d be dramatically faster at this race, but turns out I was only ~1 min faster.  I rode 23:55 (25.2 mph) in April and 22:57 (26.1 mph) this month but I’m happy that my power which improved about 10 watts over last month and ended at 4.4 wpkg, which I’m pleased with at this point in the game.  I think the main reason my speed / time wasn’t as improved as I’d have liked it to be was because I was generally rested for the April ride and this month I decided to partake in my normal Wednesday morning computrainer session in the morning followed by a straight 2000 recovery swim to flush my legs out.  So, needless to say, I wasn’t truly rested.  Given the longer distance race I have looming, I decided my morning workout was more important than being rested for a 20 min TT.

I am pleased with a 1st overall female and hope to continue to improve my time week after week once I continue to get a better feel for pacing and such.  Love these rides because I love benchmarkers to measure my fitness.

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