Iron Sister Sherpa’s

The 4-day week went by in a flash and here we are with the weekend upon us again.  This week wasn’t terribly crazy  which was a breath of fresh air.  Work is certainly busy we we preparing for our next quarterly meeting in 2 weeks and given the huge size of my portfolio, I decided to start preparing super early in order to aim to eliminate stress as the meeting approaches.  Thankfully, our clients have cooperated and it has been generally quiet on the new business front…for now.   I’m over halfway through my portfolio review and I still have 9 working days before the meeting…that’s HUGE!

Keeping the trend with my Memorial Day Sleep-A-Thon, I was able to leave work a little early today.  I planned to swim after work but decided to come home and chill out for a bit as I was feeling sleepy from a later than normal bed time and a 5:45 yoga alarm.  I laid down for a little at 4:15 and rolled over at 8:30?!?  Dawn said maybe I have Lymes Disease!  I know I work hard and train hard, but I’m starting to worry!?  So much for my swim 😦

Training wise this week couldn’t have been better!  I spent a lot of time heat-acclimating in preparation for the potential heat at Eagleman.  I made my way to two hot vinyasa classes, spent 30 minutes in the steam room and did my last 9 mile run on Thursday at 1pm in the 85+ degree temps.  The rest of my time has been spent trying to stay hydrated!  I truly feel great and ready to race.

Speaking of my races, I read an article today and I must say it brought a tear to my eye; it made me realize how lucky I am to have my sister in my life.  I sent it to her and she replied back with this, which were my exact thoughts while I read the article.

It’s all worth it. On race day, I’m the proudest girlfriend sister out there. In the 11 hours he’s she’s swimming, cycling and running, I’m dashing about, yelling a lot of things.  I probably embarrass him her at times. I don’t really care. That’s my man sister out there!

When he she turns in a blazing-fast bike split, I’m Snoopy-dancing in transition. When he she cramps up and sees his her dreams of a PR dashed, I cry. When he she crosses the finish line, we both look at each other and smile. He’s She’s the one who raced, but it’s my day, too. We’re a team, and a damn good one at that.

Being an IronSherpa is more than just attending a race and cheering when your athlete goes by. It’s an expression of love.  It’s months of sacrifice and patience and support. It’s smiling so hard your cheeks hurt when you talk about just how proud you are of your partner sister.  It’s the post-race glow, after the ice baths have been taken and the pizzas eaten, snuggling hanging with your Ironman on a hotel room bed as you wind down from a day of excitement.”  

She truly is the most supportive Iron Sherpa I could ask for and anyone who knows her  knows that is true.  I believe she will be Sherpa’ing me next year as I tackle my next Ironman, just as she has for every other big race I’ve ever done!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I’m looking forward to all that’s on tap and even more so a HUGE weekend of recovery next week!  T-9 days till Eagleman 70.3!

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