Every couple of weeks / months, my body more or less shuts down. The last time it happened was over Memorial Day when I took like 6 naps in 3 days and slept a bizillion hours every night. Well, it seems this was a repeat of Memorial Day.

Rewind to Friday where I had a pretty hard workout that I planned to do at 6am but could not get my tail out of bed so I decided to do it after work. I came home that night feeling totally drained. Several weeks in a row of early alarms just start to catch up with me. Maybe others can better handle less sleep, but it’s clear I can’t. I need sleep…a lot of it.

So I awoke at 6am on Saturday and headed to LKN to meet some friends and my coach for an open water swim and a long run in Jetton Park. The weather was what I would call “disgusting” as I walked out the door; it was muggy and already in the 80’s. I was feeling so very tired. I had a pretty good OWS for once and was actually able to stay on Leigh-Ann’s feet for a whole 300. I recently had a lesson with Sarah Hart at HFFA so I’m working on a lot of new things, which, in turn, makes me despise swimming. Its so great to have LA to spend nearly every weekend with me in the OW helping me along though. 🙂

Two clients / friends and I started our run by about 8:45 and that was just tooooo late. I had 1:20 on the schedule, the first hour which I planned to run with them at an easier pace for for me and I was to finish with 2 hard miles. For those who’ve never run in Jetton Park, it’s awesome and I highly recommend it if you want to stay shaded in this weather. It’s a 25 or so minute drive from downtown but the paved trails that wind through the woods with some good hills are so worth the drive. I felt good during the first hour with Devon and Sean as most of them were shaded. The last 3 mile I ran were out on the streets, with ZERO shade….and it was brutal. I was struggling to hold anything below 7:30 as my core temperature was probably 2 million and I was feeling pretty dehydrated despite having had 2 huge bottles of water and several gels. The heat was no joke. I got my run done but it wasn’t pretty and I reiterated my own words sent to my own athletes in my head “don’t fret if your paces are a bit off while you acclimate to the heat”.

The three of us enjoyed some lunch and lots of salty foods afterwards and it was home to the ranch for the rest of the day. I hit the shower and my sheets so fast after walking in the door; my dogs were probably very confused. I spent the next several hours sleeping on and off while watching all the great stuff that’s on TV right now. I did pry myself out of bed long enough to go to dinner with my sister and hit Trader Joe’s but that felt like an uphill battle the whole time. I was in bed by 9:30 that night in preparation for another 5:30 am alarm Sunday.

I met a great group of people on Sunday at 6 for what was supposed to be a 100 mile ride. Sadly, Drew, who organized the ride, shredded his derailer at mile 2 and had to turn back. None of us were too hell-bent on the 100 miles and didn’t know the route Drew had planned, so we opted to ride Spencer / Crammer and add on a few Booty miles at the end. I felt generally ok during this ride but my power was telling me something else. I got dropped coming back in on Old Dowd, which sucked. 🙂 By 55+ miles my legs just decided they didn’t want to hammer up that hill. We re-grouped a few minutes later and I was back to feeling ok, not the strongest I’ve ever felt, no doubt about that. During this ride, I drank EIGHT bottles of water, not including what I chugged at the gas station. That’s a lot of water during a 3 1/2 hour ride. And I didn’t pee once.

The best part about leaving at 6am is being done with a 70+ mile ride before 10! I set a PR for my shower / hit the sheets and I literally didn’t move for the rest of the day. The ENTIRE day I spent sleeping (my set included 2 x 2 hour nap), playing on my iPad, laying around, watching the trials, the TdF, etc. I removed myself from my bed for only two necessities…food and potty. Otherwise, it was legs up. This is beyond unlike me, but I needed it very badly. I figured after 4 hours of napping I’d be up half the night last night, but thankfully nope. I had heavy eyelids watching the gymnastics trials and was asleep in 2 minutes after turning off the TV. I didn’t wake up till 7:30.

Obviously I’m a firm believer in sleep and this weekend being a recluse was what I needed. I felt like a total lazy POS yesterday but I continued to remind myself, first, it’s ok once in a while and second, some people do this on the weekends that don’t ride 70+ miles at 6am.

I hope everyone had a less recluse-like weekend than I! Happy Monday, back to the grind 😦

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