It’s all a choice….

“It is all a choice”

I speak a little phrase silently to myself in response to various thoughts that enter my mind throughout the day. It pops into my head when I see a tempo run that I know is going to hurt like hell on the schedule, when I have to jump in the freezing cold swimming pool on a 3o degree day, when I look at my calendar for the next 8 weeks and see I have something scheduled every single weekend…

“It is all a choice”.

There is just something about those words that do the trick for me….they make me commit. Whether it’s commit to the pain of a hard workout, take the plunge into the pool when it’s the last thing I want to do, or uphold every appointment and obligation I’ve made even though all I want to do is go home and put my feet up. I’ve crossed the finish line enough times in this sport to realize that the choice is so worth it…and I’ve come short of crossing the finish line enough to make me respect the hard work and dedication it takes to reach it. I’ve had more bad workouts that I can count on 100 pairs of hands and feet, but I’ve had even more good workouts to make up for all the bad ones. I’ve come across far too many people who don’t understand the meaning of “commitment” to know I never want to be one of them.

“It is all a choice”

As a coach of 17 very, very different athletes from all backgrounds, abilities, goals, and dedication levels, I find myself tempted to utter these same words a lot. Some athletes chose to treat their workout schedule like the Bible, others have chosen to treat it as a “bother” to their busy lives. I am less sympathetic than I probably should be to the “bothered” athletes at times because I know first hand the hoops I jump through nearly everyday to be on point at my real job, get each and every workout done, to keep up with every client almost daily, all while maintaining a life on the side. It all can be done….if you make the choice to do so.

Here are a few recent “complaints” I’ve heard and my staunchly unsympathetic responses. Triathlon is a choice, figure it out 🙂 I never said I wasn’t a hardass.

Athlete: “How am I supposed to swim at night when I can’t predict when I’ll get off work?”

CK: “Was your alarm broken at 5:30 this morning?”

Athlete: “Double workouts? I work full time!”

CK: “You registered for an Ironman. And you paid good money to do so”.

Athlete: “I had to cut my ride short tonight because it got dark”

CK: “The lights in your house are working, right? Your trainer seems like a great place to finish that workout right up”

Athlete: “Work is so busy lately”

CK: “Join the club”.

Athlete: “I’ll be traveling all week, I don’t know if I’ll be able to workout.”

CK: “Bring your running shoes”.

…you get the point. (and I promise I have a soft / understanding / accommodating side too!) 🙂

The moral of the story is, every single day, (almost) every thing you do in life is a choice. You can chose to love what you do, you can chose to hate it, you can chose to procrastinate, or you can chose to take care of it, you can chose to accept it, or you can chose to fight it. Either way, it is a choice.

What will you chose, not just today, but every day?

One Response to It’s all a choice….

  1. Jordan says:

    Couldn’t agree more Kimmy! Even though I am not pushing athletics right now, the choice to show up for everything in your life with dedication is true no matter what it is that one is dedicated to. If you commit, you have to show up! Great blog post:).

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