My friends Dave and Julie….

As many of you know from my FB and Twitter updates, I was in Denver and Boulder on Tuesday and Wednesday.  When I heard of the opportunity to go to Denver, I was all ears!  It is somewhere I’ve only been to very briefly on my way to Breckenridge and it was long before I did any of this crazy triathlon stuff.  Fast forward 10 years and add a new hobby, and I was more than excited to have the opportunity to visit.

I arrived on Tuesday about 2pm CST where we headed straight to the hotel for check in.  One of my favorite things to do when I am in a new city is run and explore!  I’m typically too impatient to walk around because you can see so much more by running.  Well, this run lasted a whopping 13 min and 48 sec, to be exact.  Very tired legs coupled with approximately 1 hour to acclimate to mile-high City was a recipe for anything but a “leisurely jog”.  I opted to walk instead 🙂

You can see the mountains off in the distance. The views around Denver are beautiful!

I took the next day as PTO so I decided to spend my free day in Boulder vs. Colorado Springs.  And I’m so glad I did!  Wednesday ended up being a very very cool day!

I was out of Denver by 8am and on the road to Boulder…about a 40 minute drive.  The drive alone is magnificent as you stare at the Flatirons nearly the whole way out.  It was hard to decipher as I was driving but after I googled it I can see what they’re talking about.

Didn’t get the best picture.

I had contacted one of my favorite ex-Boulder residents, the one-and-only Dr. Greenapple, who pointed me to the Boulder Creek Trail for some running and I headed straight there upon my arrival. The trail did not disappoint! It was such a nice change of pace from my usual running routes (or treadmills lately) and I did my best to follow my coaches orders that “pace does not matter today.” I just enjoyed the scenery for once!

If you recall from my previous posts about my training trip to Tucson in December, I am one of those people who seems to be highly affected by the altitude. I confirmed this yet again in Colorado!  My HR was sky-high just on the drive TO the trail…I saw high zone 4 numbers running uphill at a pace that would be embarrassing to put on paper.  It felt like a 300lb man was sitting on my chest!  But I didn’t let it bother me.  I was enjoying the new scenery way too much to care what pace I was running and I knew 100% my absolute breathlessness had nothing to do with my fitness and all to do with the mile-high environment.  It did give me a taste of what it would feel like to be an out of shape person attempting to run…which I don’t imagine I’ll ever be, but I certainly don’t wanna be after that!  Most of the trail on the way out was uphill and I walked the hills when necessary and jogged the flats and downhills.  It was awesome to turn off the data for once.

The Boulder Creek Trails winds along the water and is so serene and peaceful!

After my run, I changed (in the middle of the parking lot in typical Kim fashion – Dawn, I knew you’d be proud) and headed for a quick visit of one of the properties we finance not far from where I was.  The property was located right in the heart of downtown with tons of shopping, restaurants, coffee shops and bikes!  I walked around our property for a little before sitting down to a delicious piece of veggie Quiche and a steamer at a quaint little café.  I was in heaven so I spent an hour or so relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

I had dome some research on Tuesday on swim clubs in Boulder and came across Flatiron.  Conveniently enough, there is a Wednesday session at 12:30 in the outdoor pool that is led by Jane Scott – Dave’s sister.  I was really hoping Dave was leading but was happy to see “Scott” of any form on the instructor list.

I made my way over to Flatiron for the 12:30 swim session.  I arrived about 45 minutes early partially to feel the place out and make sure I wasn’t in way over my head and partially hoping I’d bump into some stud triathletes.  As I walked outside to the amazing 50 meter pool, literally the first person I spotted was Mr. Dave Scott himself!  I had the pleasure of watching him swim for ~30 minutes with one of his up and coming athletes from Germany whose name I cannot pronounce, nor would I attempt to spell!  Call me cheesy, call me whatever, I was pretty star struck.  Dave and Drew are in the far left lane.

Dave was a pretty outspoken guy who chatted with / commented (loudly) to anyone and everyone who walked by the pool.  He obviously knew every single person and every single person knew him.  He and his swim girl were doing 100×50 after some sort of warm up BEFORE they swam 4,000 meters with our swim group at 12:30.  Just a quick ~10,000 meter swim.  😐  They were also joined shortly after they began by Dave’s up and coming stud-son Drew Scott.  I was informed it was his son after chatting for a while with Sebastian Blanco as he exited the pool (unfortunately his blog is in Spanish!).  I liked Sebastian…especially because told me I was very fit, in a hot foreign accent and a little Speedo… 🙂

The swim session began and was filled with 25 – 30 triathletes.  As I was about to hop in, a tiny blonde girl hobbled in on crutches with a huge knee brace on.  She asked if I would help her with her knee brace get in “my” lane.  So of course I did.  A while later, I heard someone call her Julie….and I still didn’t really put two and two together.  It wasn’t until someone asked her “if her snaggle toe had to be re-operated on too” that I realized that this was Julie Dibens.  Julie is not racing this year because she had knee and toe surgery after Kona last year and just Friday had to get her knee re-operated on.  I realized this after I had spent about 45 minutes just swimming intervals with her thinking nothing of it (she with a pull buoy, 4 days post surgery, and not pushing off the wall, and still caught me a few times).  We chatted a bunch throughout the set and on the deck after; I never asked for a picture because I didn’t want to see like “that girl” but it was very neat to be around someone who is one of the strongest in the sport.

I got showered feeling extremely pale next to these people who swim outside every day and then had to make my way back to the airport in Denver.   In the short time I spent in Boulder, I truly got a feel for what it would be like to live there and I have no doubts I would be in heaven!  It didn’t hurt that the weather was absolutely perfect, there were more bikes on the streets than cars and that attractive, fit men were a dime a dozen.  However, I’m sure when it’s 50 degrees here in January I’ll be glad I’m not in Boulder buried under 50 feet of snow!

Laying on the pool deck catching some rays and admiring the swimmers…

I had an awesome trip to Colorado and look forward to going back at some point and hopefully spending more time.

Lastly, thank you to everyone riding 24 Hours of Booty this weekend.  I have been committed to racing my bike in High Point both Saturday and Sunday, but as you ride please think of my cousin Jim who diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last week.  He is my cousin Kristen’s Dad (who works at Dr. Greenapple’s office, for those of you who know her) and we are all praying and sending positive thoughts to their family during  a very tough time.  I will be out there Friday to show my support for Jim but also in honor of and in memory of ALL of the people whose lives have been affected by this horrific disease.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. vichin says:

    sounds like an awesome trip! your love of steamers still makes me giggle. xo, aub

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