Lowe’s Time Trial #4

If you actually go out to race a TT, they’re all pretty much the same….an all out effort that makes you want to stop peddling and catch your breath.  I’m not sure I’ve ever done a time trial or power test of any sort where, during it, I thought “oh this is so fun”.  It’s pretty hard.  My 4th week at Lowe’s proved nothing different.

In the previous 3 sessions I’ve done, we’ve had some pretty tough wind on the 2nd turn and down the back stretch, but this was the first week we saw wind on turn 4 and through the front stretch.  Given there is a slight downhill coming out of turn 2, when there is wind, you’re still working really hard.  This week, with the tailwind and the slight downhill, my power numbers kept dropping on this stretch despite putting out, what felt like, the same hard effort.  The good news however, was that despite the reduced power, my speed would improve due to the tailwind.  And vice versa on the front stretch where you worked hard into the wind, saw your power numbers tick back up, but your speed start to dip.

I will say this week was the first time I truly came within a fraction of a second away from stopping my pedals and taking a quick break.  I pretty glad I didn’t.  It can be very hard to fight that urge when you’re maxed out effort-wise.  I seem to have mastered managing this discomfort much better on a bike than I have in my running and swimming; I’m not sure what’s up with that.

I rode 22:22:23 which was an 18 second PR for me!  Despite, I still managed to get my tail handed to me by two other girls who laid out some seriously impressive times.  Fortunately, these two girls are Lauren, one of my Pain Pathways teammates who rode an amazing 21:57:33 in her FIRST Lowe’s event, and Addy Abershardt who races with national pro team NOW and Novartis for MS, also riding a really impressive 22:01:54.  Excellent work ladies!  I’m okay with finishing 3rd to these ladies; I gave it all I had for this day and I’m pleased to see my times continue to improve!

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