LKN Sprint

This past weekend was the LKN Sprint which is one of my favorite races in the series for some reason.  I have always had a decent run (for me) on this course so maybe that’s why I like it?  Nonetheless, after the news of my cousin on passing on Wednesday, I assumed I would skip the race as we’d be in NY for the services.   But, we later found out that his service would be Sunday and Monday which allowed for my sister and I to do this race – my first race my cousin would “see”.  I dedicated all of my efforts and energy to Jim and Leigh Ann’s dad at this race.

In an attempt to be less “fly by the seat of my pants” and a bit more prepared for my races this year, I decided to do some transition practice on Friday night.  I took my bike over to a church around the corner, found a good flattish area to do some mounts with my shoes on my bike and dismounts the same.  Well, that proved to be an epic failure.  In an attempt to lift my foot to hop on my bike while in motion, my left toe caught the ground and took off literally the entire top of my toe!  It was a bloody disaster!  But, I decided instantly when it happened to just not stress about it, cleaned it out when I got home, bandaged it up with moleskin, made the decision to race (even swim) in my compression socks to keep the bandage on and called it a night.

I arrived at the race earlier than usual which was nice.  Parked in the same parking spot I’ve parked in for the last 3 years and mad my way down to the site.  I had 6 clients also racing so it was nice to see friendly faces before the race and take some of the stress off my own race.

Swim:  15:54 / 55th of 198
I don’t even know what to say about this.  I have no idea what “happened”, I have no excuses, no wrong turns, no story that I can remember.  I was just slow.  I lost the race in the water (again), and I knew it when I saw 15 min + on my watch when I stood up.  So that is that.  It’s getting old.

T1: 2:08 / 26th
A little slower than I would have liked, but ok.  Given my failure the night prior attempting to mount with my shoes on, I decided to do a regular old mount this time reducing the risk of further injury.  The route through transition that I chose to run to the bike exit definitely cost me some valuable time, particularly while running in my shoes, but otherwise fine.

Bike: 47:50 / 2nd
After Brian Couture and I did the weavy-swerves nearly taking each other and a few cones out trying to get clipped in, I set out on the bike pretty hard.  I knew from the get go that it wouldn’t be enough after my swim though.  Again, that’s getting old.  I can only ride so hard and make up so much time as I have to run just like everyone else.  I had ridden the course the Wednesday before the race and knew where I could push it and where the hills were.  The only “interesting point” of this ride was due to yet another mishap on my part!  I made the decision to put on my disk cover the night before, all by myself, which I was proud to accomplish for the first time.  Chain whip, wrench, the whole 9-yards and I managed.  Proud Kim.  🙂

Well, kinda managed.  About 7-8 miles into the ride as I was slugging up Shearer’s, I shifted into my small ring to spin a bit on one of the bigger hills.  I heard something kinda start rattling.  I peeked down and knew exactly what it was…but had no idea what to do about it!  It was my cassette, that I clearly didn’t tighten enough the night before!  I instantly shifted back into my big ring and it somewhat went away, but given this course is pretty hilly, there was a lot of shifting that needed to go on.  The longer I rode, the looser the cassette got and the more it rattled.  I’m not usually fearful on my bike, but descending Faith Road at ~40 mph knowing my cassette was loose was downright scary!  I chose to stay in the big ring from then on and just ride as hard as I could to get back and off my scary bike.  Thankfully I made it safely.  I rolled into T2 in 3rd behind Melissa and Carrie – with far too much ground between us on a 3 mile run.

T2: 1:05 / 8th
No issues, nothing to report.  Trying to stay calm while also trying to move as fast as you can, is often challenging.

Run:  20:49 / 4th
I set out up the hill behind one other guy and he passed me about 1/4 mile in.  I decided I would do all I could to just stay with him.  It’s nice being passed by someone who is just slightly faster than you (and not female) because having someone pace you really does make a difference.  Had he just blown by me it would have been demoralizing, and not motivating!  Pleased to report I ended up staying with him right to the finish line which felt good!

5th Overall / 3rd Open – I am not pleased with this race.  I am tired of losing races in the water and I’m annoyed with my cassette.  I feel good about my run right now but that’s all I can say about my race.  I’m super super proud of all of my athletes that were out there, that ironically, ALL had one of their best races to date with PR’s and goals met all around!  That alone makes up for my lackluster performance 🙂

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