Sydney Part 2

Today was our 2nd full day in Sydney and it was just as enjoyable as the first.  I was up bright and early and at the pool by 8am for a lovely 3500 meter swim.  That part was, um, one of the less enjoyable parts of the day.  😉  I was reminded how “old” I am when there were still Halloween parties going on from Saturday night when I was walking to the pool.

We decided to spend the morning at the Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife Park seeing so many animals!  I was in heaven!!  My favorites were the koala’s, the wallaby’s with Joey’s in their pouches and the kangaroos….they are all so adorable.  We walked for nearly 3 hours around all of the exhibits before making our way over to the Harbor Bridge to check out the scenes.

We plan to do the skywalk over the Harbor Bridge on Tuesday, which is apparently well worth the $220 they charge!   We walked for quite some time to get to the bridge so we stopped and I enjoyed a fabulous glass of wine at a little cafe.  The wine here has not disappointed.

I ventured back to the hotel alone and decided to do a bit of shopping on the way.  There are a lot of American stores here, but they offer much different products.  I picked up an adorable pair of flats at a local boutique and set my eyes on a few things I want to try on when Dawn and I shop on Tuesday.  I think we must have walked at least 6 or 7 miles today…funny how running 6 or 7 miles is NBD but walking wears me OUT!

Tomorrow we’ll be out bright and early and head to the Sky Tower that overlooks the city and then rent bikes to ride to Bondi Beach.  We planned on the beach today but the weather is looking nicer for tomorrow.  I’m excited to see the beach!

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