Bondi / Sydney Bridge Walk

Well the last two days have been action packed.  I don’t think I’ve sat down other than for about 3 hours from 6:30 am till 11 pm yesterday and today has been much the same.

I started yesterday with a great ~7 mile run around the streets and water paths of Sydney.  I keep surprising myself with how good my runs are going considering ALL the walking I’m doing during the daytime.  Unfortunately, My heal has been giving me fits for a few months now and all of this running and walking is certainly not helping, so that’s top on my priority to figure out when I return.  For now, I will ignore in typical Kim-injury-fashion 🙂

After a quick breakfast, Dawn and I parted ways and she and Kevin ventured to meet up with his cousin while I trekked to the local bike shop to rent me a cruiser to head to Bondi!  The ride there on my cruiser was fun / interesting / long / scary at times but I still loved having the mobility of a bike.  You can just get everywhere so much faster and cheaper than walking or cabs.

Once I finally found Bondi, it was magnificant!  The beach is surprisingly small, but I couldn’t quit reminding myself I was at one of the most famous / beautiful places in the world!  I rented a beach chair and parked my rear end there for a good ~3 hours.  The sand on Bondi is like powder and felt so good between my toes.  The weather was absolutely perfect….just warm enough to be out in a bathing suit, but no signs of sweating, humidity and even a chill breeze that blew threw every few minutes.  It’s crazy how 6 days ago I was bundled in a North Face vest, scarf and boots and now I’m in a bikini!  I stuck my toe in the water for exactly 1 second before scurrying back to my chair with chills…yet people were frolicking around like it was 80 degree water!?   Bondi again reinforced that Sydney is 100% somewhere I would consider living.

I spent the whole ~30 min bike ride back contemplating seriously taking 1 year off from work and moving here.  I thought about all of the logistics of my house, car, dogs, family, etc….and I honestly think I could make it work.  I would never do anything like that permanently, or at least wouldn’t plan to at first, but the notion of it is seeming more and more appealing the more I get out and see new parts of the country / world. I plan to spend a lot more time thinking about this possibility for the next few months.

We finished last night with an awesome seafood dinner on the Floating Restaurant which is an old restored boat that has been turned into a restaurant.  And….Gelatto for desert, finally!  I’ve wanted to have some Gelatto everyday since I arrived but have restrained.  I was hell bent on Gelatto last night and it was worth every bit of the $8 and billion calories 🙂

Today was the most interesting experience I’ve had yet.  Maybe in my whole life.  If you aren’t aware, I’m afraid of heights, and this fear seems to be growing more fierce the older I get.  I’m not afraid of flying, or being on solid grounds up high, but I’m afraid of open stairs, in particular.

That said, what better activity than climbing over the arch of a bridge 150 meters above the ground!?  What.  Was.  I.  Thinking?!  Dawn was bound and determined to do this climb and I figured I had to do it because, I guess, I just did?  I don’t know.  I’ve been apprehensive and scared about the doing it since we’ve planned it, but I didn’t realize JUST how scared I was until it was time to get out there.  You’re VERY well secured, the bridge is obviously very stable, but when you have a fear of heights, that doesn’t matter.

I cried.

I can’t remember the last time I cried in fear of something.  I remember as a child getting trapped in a tight space and crying because I was getting claustrophobic, ad I remember getting lost with my best friend from High School (Jess Areman) in the woods while venturing off the designated ski paths at Stratton Mountain and maybe crying then (and maybe peeing my pants!)…but as an adult????  I couldn’t believe how not-well I handled the situation!  Dawn was a trooper, as was our guide, trying to make me feel better and I definitely got better as the climb went on, but it’s certainly nothing I will ever do again!  The site from the top was truly magnificent, when I could actually look out and enjoy them.  I spent much of my time up there death-gripped onto the rails counting down the minutes till when we’d turn around and head back.  The total climb was about an 1 – 1 1/2 hours and I’ve never been so relieved to be done with something.  We went immediately to the Opera House bar for a cold beer after leaving the bridge.

So tonight is our last night here and I’m feeling emotional about it….shocking.  I’m sad my vacation I’ve been planning for 14 months is over.  I’m excited to get home.  I’m ecstatic to see my doggies and kitty.  I’m depressed to have to go back and catch up on 3 weeks of work.  I’m scared to look at my bank account.  I’m thankful for this experience.  I’m excited to get back to a regular workout routine.  I’m dying to sleep in my own bed.  I’m dreading leaving Sydney and this beautiful part of the world – there is still so much more I want to do.  And, most importantly, I’m hungry and in the mood for another cocktail – so with that, we’re off to party it up on our last night at Sydney!  Thanks for checking in everyone over the last few weeks.  See you all when I return!

3 Responses to Bondi / Sydney Bridge Walk

  1. cameron green says:

    Ahhh you are bringing back such great memories for me with this trip. Did you do the walk along Bondi beach to the other beaches? That was one of my favorite parts of the trip…and the Sydney Bridge climb. I am scared of heights too and can totally relate. Message me when you get back about taking some time off – we took 3 months off and traveled around the world and it’s something you will never regret and will change your life.

  2. Kim says:

    Cameron. I didn’t realize there was more to Bondi when I was there but you’re the 2nd person who has said that the walk along the beaches is the coolest thing ever. We were gonna go today before we leave but not sure we have enough time before our long ass flight. 😦 I am sad I won’t go but for some reason I know I’ll be back sooner than later. 🙂

  3. aub says:

    Can’t wait to talk to you! Call when you recover from your travels. (and…Jess Areman!)

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