Recent Happenings…

Howdy friends and family!  I thought I’d check in today with some recent happenings in my world since I’ve gotten back from my trip and settled back into normal life.

I will say, it took forever to get back into the swing of things.  I was, still am actually, shocked at how long and how much I was affected by the jetlag from the trip.  I truly always thought that was a bit of a myth and that I was a good enough sleeper to not have it phase me.  Boy, was I wrong.  It took 7-8 full days to get back to feeling tired at the time I was supposed to feel tired, to fall asleep when I felt tired, not wake up in the middle of the night, and be able to sleep past about 4:30 am.  Going back to work helped a ton, though it took a few days even still.  Glad to have that behind me!

I posted this picture on FB a week or so ago which left lots of people wondering what happened.

Well, as I figured while I was away, I have a little case of Plantar Fasciitis in my heel.  It started hurting sometime back in September if I remember correctly and I had some treatment on it then, but the pain was manageable unless I ran really hard and it never actually hurt during my runs, just after.  So why quit running, right?  (I have a terrible habit of ignoring pain or convincing myself its nothing!)  Knowing the best thing for PF is rest, massage and stretching, I figured I’d just press on through Worlds, and then take some easy time off while traveling after the race.

Well, that whole “rest” plan backfired.   As I have said, the scenery and weather in Sydney were just so amazing that all I wanted to do was run.  Eating out every single meal also contributed to my lack of desire to not exercise at all.  I never ran particularly hard, but I did do some 7-8 mile runs, which were probably fine, but it was a bad combo with allllll the walking that we did during the day!  It was painful to the touch and bordering excruciatingly painful by the time I got home.

I immediately made an appointment for a massage, to see Dr. Greenapple, and for an ARP treatment when I got back.  I also ordered the boot to wear at night and heel cups to help pad my everyday shoes to alleviate the pain.  I also told  my coach that I’d definitely need to take at least a few days off from running.

I’m pleased to report that, about 2 weeks later, my heel feels about 95% better!  All of the treatments were so helpful, particularly the ARP.  Since the minute I left Melissa’s office (Body Electric in Cornelius),  I haven’t really felt a hint of pain in my heel.  Long story short, ARP treats the source of pain, which is almost never where we think it is.  Most doctors will treat the plantar fascia if you have plantar fasciitis (wow, crazy phenomenon) but in reality, the source of the pain in my heal was extreme tightness and inflammation in my calf.  After the ARP treatment, my calf was extremely sore and painful, but has since recovered and feels great.  I ran over 10  miles last weekend and had no issues, other than the lingering sore calf!

That said, tomorrow I will tackle the Thunder Road 1/2 marathon.  I am just starting to ramp up my longer distance miles, so I decided to use the race as a supported training run where I won’t need to worry about access to water.  And it is right in our back yard!  Though standalone running races aren’t my “strength”, it is still hard to put a timing chip on your foot and not have the urge to “race”.  It’s just in my DNA to want to go out and do the best, fastest, hardest race I can, but I’m going to work on my discipline as an athlete tomorrow and follow my coaches pace orders.  🙂  At least that’s the plan!

Otherwise, Ironman training is just beginning and I’m feeling excited!  Now that my heel seems to be almost back to 100% and my body has recovered from hours, hours and hours of walking (that might sound crazy, but I was in rough shape when I got back from Sydney) I’m anxious to get deeper into training.  I think the most exciting thing about this Ironman is to be training for it with a coach who is so detailed, understanding, and wise!  And one that I truly adore!  I have been severely over-trained for my previous 2 Ironman races, so I’m thrilled about the possibilities ahead.

That’s about all I have to report on for now.  I’m looking forward to the holidays here in Charlotte with my family, and the Turkey Trot and the wonderful food that follows!   My mom is such a great cook that thanksgiving dinner never disappoints.  I have volunteered to make apple cobbler for dessert so I’m taking recipe suggestions if you have them!

I’ll end with this video cause it’s just cute.  This is little Justice’s standard treat routine.  Such a silly boy.

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