The Turkey Trot

I thought I’d provide a quick update on the Turkey Trot this year, cause that’s just what I do….race, and update.  🙂

If you read last years Thanksgiving post, it was the first year I’ve missed Charlotte’s Turkey Trot since 2002 due to my parents ailing dog who had just had a stroke of sorts.  Most importantly and actually pretty miraculously, Parker is STILL with us one full year later!  He’s at least 14/15 years old now but hanging on, “smiling”, and going on walks, albeit very slow, but we are  just so thankful to still have him though, even though we realize it won’t be forever.

So needless to say, I was excited to be here in town this weekend to get out and do my favorite run!  Dawn planned to run the 8k also and my parents were on board to walk the 5k.  I was instructed to run this as a test set to get some good, threshold, stand-alone running paces/data.  Test sets always provide a small amount of angst, even if the only person you’re competing against is yourself.  I also had a bit of uneasiness about how my heel, and some (short-lived) adductor pain I’d been feeling would hold up during the race.

We got there with plenty of time and I headed out to do my pre-race warm up.  My adductor was causing me to limp and my heel felt like it had needles in it.  I ran about a mile before turning around and was so annoyed to say the least. I had gone to masters swimming bright and early that morning thinking it would help loosed things up, but apparently no go.  I continued to warm up slowly and on the way to the start line I contemplated for a good 10 seconds about not running and risking further injuring something.  Then I thought about the apple cobbler I made and my mom’s stuffing and decided to do the race.  🙂  I figured I could always walk if it hurt.

The gun went off and 6,000 Turkey Trotters were off.  I was about 25 rows from the front, and in hindsight, just need to line up further to the front.  People in front of me took off at a blistering, oh, 10 min pace, which is by far the most annoying thing to deal with.  I don’t understand why people prefer to be trampled?

There isn’t much to say about this race other than I ran smooth and hard and really didn’t feel either my heel or my adductor much at all!  The tugging in my adductor forced me to keep my form tight and not over-stride, which I have a tendency to do.  I could feel it every time I did so it served as a “nice” reminder to keep my cadence high and hips in good alignment.  For the most part, it was all good!

Given the undulation of the course, my mile splits were a little up and down, but it seemed most people’s varied at least a little.  They ranged from 6:37 – 7:00 which I was happy to hit these paces given no rest on my legs the day before and having swam masters before the race.  My chip time was 34:14 (6:53 pace), but the website has me listed at 31 something for some reason.  I can’t take credit for running quite that fast.  🙂 Not yet at least

This week is recovery for me and I’m kinda excited.  Short speed stuff and a few days of rest!  Wooo hooo!!

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