And That’s a Wrap

I am officially tapering! Thank. God.

My race is 2 weeks from today! At this point, the money is in the bank, as they say. I’m not going to get more fit between now and the race and the only thing there is left to do is REST and let my body recover from the bloodbath I have put it through for the last 5+ months.

By signing up for an Ironman in March and training through the winter we’ve had (particularly January and February), I’ve proven to myself that I am a pretty tough cookie. I have endured some pretty ridiculous conditions on almost all of my long bike rides and runs, and I owe a HUGE thank you to Leigh-Ann and Jim, primarily, for gutting out many of these workouts with me. I’m pleased to report only one minor meltdown mid 20-mile run a few weeks ago and Melissa, thank you for handling my near-teared, physically exhausted and mentally depleted state with such grace. 🙂 The wine after made it all better.

Compared to some of these workouts I’ve endured (and everyone training for Ironman endures), I almost feel like race day should a “breeze.” I spent 5 hours and 30 minutes riding on a computrainer without going postal…I think can handle just about anything! I do realize race day can also pose its own interesting scenarios and mishaps (most glaringly are weather-related) that I now feel 100% prepared to withstand. Wind? Pft, I’m not sure I remember what it’s like to not ride in wind. Or even run. Heat? I’ve been sitting in the steam room, taking hot yoga or riding my bike indoors in full winter gear nearly every day for 2 weeks now. Cold? Well, certainly got that covered given the unusually cold temps here in Charlotte lately. Rain? Doesn’t stress me out. It is what it is. You get the point.

My heel and feet continue to be an issue but they will be fine on race day. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. I owe a gigantic thank you to Dr. Greenapple and Dr. Maul who have treated my foot 2-3 times a week for the last several months. I am not sure I’d still be walking right now without you guys, nonetheless, about to do an Ironman. It is so comforting to have caring, knowledgeable doctors taking care of me, reaching out to me on weekends and staying after hours to make sure I’m feeling good. So nice to have people like that on your side!

Next weekend includes a little fun on Saturday night and a “good luck” dinner with two awesome friends who I adore before I jet set to Cabo on Tuesday bright and early. I’ll have some time there by myself before family and friends arrive to get my mind right, get my ducks in a row and do a little R&R on the beach (while guzzling water, of course). If you’re looking for me after March 17th, I will be in a lawn chair, slightly comatose (either from the effects of the race or perhaps a bit too much tequila) until I come home. I am looking forward to the downtime just as much as I’m looking forward to putting all of my training to good use.

You can download the Iron Trac app for Apple products or go to if you want to track on race day.

Off to recover 🙂

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