I Have a Plan

Greetings from Los Cabos!! I’ve been here since Tuesday getting the lay of the land, relaxing, focusing and getting my mind right for what I hope will be a great race for me. This place is beautiful; the weather is absolutely perfect, the food has been great, the resort is wonderful and I’m an all-around happy camper. 🙂

I realize I just took a very long vacation not that long ago (October) but this is a different kind of vacation. My trip to NZ and AUS was nothing short of amazing, but there was little to no relaxing since there was so much we wanted to do and see. Despite my inability to relax indoors and watch TV or lay around, I have a surprising ability to sit in a lawn chair by a pool for endless hours doing nothing. This vacation was much needed!!

The only thing left to do before the race is a quick swim, ride, run tomorrow, rest, drink fluids, and some last minute logistics, which can be daunting. This is a point to point swim, as well as a 2 separate transition race which always makes things interesting. Bike check in, pre race meetings, transition bag drop off, etc…a lot of “schlepping”. Such is triathlons though.

I get butterflies in my tummy as I go through my race plan in my head for the millionth time, but I think they are butterflies of excitement vs nerves. I have a plan, I’ve rehearsed my plan on every workout in some form or fashion for the last 5/6 months, and now I just need to execute that plan on one day. I feel more confident than ever going into this race. My fitness is huge. I’m 5 lbs lighter than I have been at my 3 previous IM’s. We’ve spent hours on my mental game. My nutrition is beyond basic and (hopefully) foolproof. I have a detailed plan for how I will race and even backup plans for various scenarios. The makings are there and it’s up to me to get ‘er done!!

I’m relaxing in my hotel room for the next day and a half trying to stay out of the sun and get hydrated. Takes a lot to not want to grab a chair and work on my (still very lackluster) tan. Please email or text me (iMessages only) or FB me or something before I go stir crazy! 🙂

I will check in after the race. Hopefully with a good report!!


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