What’s Next?

Well, the question of the hour seems to be “what’s next?”

At this point, my only priority is resting and healing my foot and staying active doing fun workouts that include as little swimming, biking or running as possible. It’s 12 days post race, I haven’t run since race day and my foot still hurts. I had an MRI today and should get the results to that very soon…the moment of truth!

Given I had a hard time running in Cabo for various reasons, my body recovered quickly post race. I took 5 full days off of nothing but laying around soaking up the sun and have spent the rest of the time since I’ve been back doing 30-45 min of elliptical, Stairmaster, athletic conditioning classes and a ton of glute/core/total body strength. I normally get most of my strength work from intense yoga ~2-3 times a week but that has been so limited because of my foot that I’ve turned into a big, blog of endurance. Perhaps this injury is a blessing in disguise to get back into the gym and tighten up! I am really enjoying the downtime, maybe the first downtime I’ve had in ~3 years, and doing different types of workouts. I plan to attend some classes at the Hilliard Studio, continue to practice yoga (so long as my foot will tolerate) and may even finally take some much needed time to focus on my swimming. We’ll see.

Race wise for 2013 is a complete question mark at this point. Much is contingent on my foot, but also contingent on my desire to race and some pretty exciting outside factors. The only thing I know for sure I will be doing is Blood, Sweat and Gears Century – a pretty “epic” (for lack of a better term) mountain ride in June – and racing my bike here and there. The only other race I have registered for is Raleigh 70.3, but again, that will be dependent on the diagnosis of my foot.

For now, you can find me at gym getting ripped. 🙂

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