” – “

No, the title of this post is not a typo.  🙂  I went to yoga today and left with some much needed perspective.   The teacher briefly discussed a book she is reading about how you would live if you found out you were dying in 30 days.  The book references a tombstone where on a tombstone is the date of your birth and the date of your death.  These dates are separated by a ” “.

If you sit and think long and hard about that little tiny symbol, you realize how magnificent that “ ” really is.  It encompasses your entire life!  Everything you do from the day you are born until the day you die are summed up by one single  “ “.

I spent a some time in the final moments of class thinking about my “ ” and what it currently encompasses vs. what I’d like it to encompass.  I thought quickly of everything from the person I am and who I’d like to be, the things I’ve accomplished and what I still have left to accomplish, the places I’ve traveled and still want to go, the people I’ve met and, perhaps, haven’t met, and my life in general.  It was just “one of those moments” in life when things just become a little bit more clear.

This has been a trying week for me on many levels.  Sometimes all it takes is a little unexpected perspective from a yoga class to help remind us to not sweat the small stuff.  We only get one tiny, little ” ” in our lives so we might as well make it the best damn ” ” we can.

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