A Quick Post-Surgery Update

So my surgery was this past Friday and everything went according to plan…I think.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

I was home by 2pm on Friday where I spent the remainder of the day in bed with my foot elevated.  Looking back, I don’t remember a whole lot about the ride home and the day is kinda foggy, so I was definitely more drugged than I felt at the time.  I do remember some pretty excruciating pain setting in  at about 7pm, which sent my sister to the pharmacy to pick up the pain meds I didn’t think I’d need.   I usually try to avoid pain pills but there was no avoiding them on Friday.  The doctor put in a nerve block on both sides of my foot and this wearing off was pretty darn uncomfortable!  Sleeping Friday night was somewhat of a challenge because I couldn’t get my foot comfortable in any position, but otherwise, the night was uneventful.

I woke up Saturday feeling a little woozy, but in less pain than Friday.  My sister was doing her first race of the season at Jetton Park and there was NO CHANCE I was missing it….she flies around the world to watch me race for Pete’s sake!  In hindsight, however, I probably shouldn’t have been driving 18 hours after anesthesia.  Thankfully, I arrived safe.  I was sure I could sweet-talk the cops into letting me drive down into the water since I was on crutches, but nope.  The (a-hole) cop made me park about 1/2 mile from the park entrance and crutch ALL the way down to the water.  I swear it was almost 2 miles.  It took me over 30 minutes and I only arrived about 5 min before Dawn’s wave start, but I made it.  It was fun laughing and watching the race with Leigh-Ann, Franci, Bill, Joye and Paul and great to see Kelly and other familiar faces out there cheering and racing.  After the race, thankfully I got ride back to my car from a much nicer police man who took a lot more pity on me and HOW far I actually crutched to get down there.   🙂

Later that day, Dawn and I packed up all the dogs and headed to my parents house for Mother’s Day.  There is truly no better place to relax and put your feet up than their house.


It was a gorgeous day at the lake!

So today is Monday and I still am not able to put any weight on my foot, which I’ll admit is somewhat surprising to me.  The doctor led me to believe I would, essentially, walk out of the surgery center in my boot and get “instant relief”.  He did say the scar tissue was very dense and required quite a bit of “fanning” which is a bit more invasive, but I still didn’t envision this!  Perhaps he downplayed it or perhaps my procedure resulted in a bit more bruising than some patients, but I would hardly say I’ve gotten “relief”…yet.  I’m hoping to be feeling better very soon.  I’ve been using my crutches religiously and for the first time in my life, I’m actually thankful for them.  The thought of walking on my foot, in a boot or not, makes me cringe at this point.

I still feel confident that proceeding with surgery was the right choice.  My foot felt absolutely terrible on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning before surgery, which confirmed doing something more drastic was 100% necessary.  I’m going to be patient and hope that I will be feeling better…at this point, walking with no pain in my foot almost feels like some wild and crazy fantasy that will never come true!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.  Thank you to everyone who called, emailed, text and checked in!

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