Foot Update #2


Hi friends!  

I am 6 weeks from my surgery on Friday!  I had a 4 week appointment that didn’t go quite as I hoped, but was not surprised given the pain I’m still having.  My doctor performed another ultrasound which revealed than my previous 7.5-8mm of scar tissue (at the worst part) is now down to 5-6mm, so I’m improving (3-4 is normal)!  However, I’m improving much more slowly than he’s seen in previous patients.  The Topaz devise has only been around for a few years and has seen very high success rate in the large majority of its recipients.  Typically, patients are in the boot for 2 weeks, 2 weeks of moderate / light activity and then they are usually easing back into running.  Unfortunately, I’m skewing that data a bit.  He claimed he’s never had a patient who required crutches or needed the boot longer than 2 weeks.  :-\  There are days even now my foot hurts enough to feel as if I need the boot, but he’s encouraged me to try to resume normal walking without it.  

I’m “allowed” to do all activity other than running and jumping based on how my foot is feeling and my doctor insistent than I can’t further damage the heel walking, swimming, riding or doing the elliptical…so I have been, with a serious amount of caution.  I’m hesitant to do too much or go too hard because I have pain after when I do.  Well, and when I don’t too.  Ugh.  

I have no real update or plan of action at this point, other than just waiting a bit longer.  I got back on July 9th for another follow up.  We discussed at the last appointment that we’d determine a plan of action at the next appointment based on how I’m feeling – which may include additional procedures, but I say a little prayer every night that that’s not the case!  There’s a lot of compensatory “issues” going on with my foot that will be addressed once the heel is fixed.      

I’ve been making my best of the unwelcome downtime  by getting some projects around my house done and am  meeting with a Realtor to list it for sale next week!  I have a found a few bigger houses in the area that I really like which give me more space that I could definitely use.  First project is to sell my house though.  🙂  I’ve also been out cheering at as many races as I can and that’s truly a lot of fun!  Seems like there’s a new wave of up and coming triathletes locally mixing in with the old, which is really cool to see.  I’ve taken on 3 new coaching clients too so I’m back to full capacity and its nice to have that to keep me involved with the sport while I’m not actually training.  I have 5 clients doing Ironman this year and the process of working with first time Ironmen to me is the most fun part of coaching!  

So that’s my update!  I remain hopeful that I’ll be able to run again, and at this point, I’m not letting myself thing anything otherwise.  I’ll check in when I know more!