Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat Day 2

So day 2 is wrapping up and my words to describe today include relaxing, peaceful and thankful!!

I awoke earlier than I would have liked listening to several (thousand?) birds screaming chirping outside my window and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. It was a slightly more peaceful way to wake up than with my max volume “horn” of an alarm at home. I laid in bed reading for a little before meandering my way over for breakfast before my 8:15 practice. The food has been wonderful- I had 2 scrambled eggs with manchenga, loads of veggies, a side of gluten free toast and fresh (I mean, fresh) squeezed OJ! It was delicious.

The 8:15 practice was “beginner vinyasa flow” and was the perfect start to my day. The first thing the teacher asked us was to practice like a beginner, even if we weren’t. It was actually pretty neat to focus so meticulously again on poses I have been doing for 7/8 years now. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but to spend more than 15 sec in a pose and actually tweak it to “perfection” was kind of cool. The studio / classes I attend in Charlotte are very high pace and high intensity / energy and I love them, but it was nice to change the pace this morning. I didn’t feel worn out after class, just relaxed and stretched out.

After a 2nd very small sampling of breakfast I made my way to the spa where I would be for the next 2 hours.

It. Was. Magical!

Don’t get me wrong, I have an awesome massage therapist in Charlotte who is truly amazing at body work and I LOVE going to see, but there’s something about hearing the ocean while pampering yourself that takes it to the next level. I felt very fortunate the whole time I laid there and got worked on.

After my massage, I promptly put on my suit and headed to a lawn chair on the beach, lathered in 200 lbs of 9,000 SPF sunscreen, of course! Given my early wake up, I immediately dozed for for a good hour in my chair before making my way in for lunch. The weather is gorgeous with lots of wind which is nice for keeping cool while relaxing and sleeping on the beach. I have thought to myself no less than a dozen times though “I’m sure glad I’m not here for a race”. The wind would be VERY concerning. 🙂

After lunch, I opted for a bit more lawn chair time and again, some more snoozing. In total, I took 3 separate naps today and I’m not sorry. 🙂

By about 3:30 I was feeling like I’d had plenty of sun. As it turns out, a downfall of beach vacations alone is not being able to apply sunscreen adequately to your own back. Holy sunburn! And there’s nothing like zero sun for 6 months and then Mexico…doh!

With my new red back and splotches all over, I made my way back to my room for a run and some downtime before my 5pm hip opener practice. Being a runner/athlete is very counterproductive to open hips so I was really looking forward to this session. I ran 5 very very slow miles and enjoyed the scenery. My ankle wasn’t killing me, for once, after my run yesterday so I was excited to go again today! I didn’t feel like running hard today like I did yesterday, so I didn’t. There is definitely a beauty of being on your own schedule. :).

The minute I walked in door for yoga the instructor asked me what other activities I do because clearly looking like a linebacker doesn’t scream yogie. I’ve been asked this about 5 times in the 2 days I’ve been here further making that point. :-/ Anyway, the instructor was super knowledgable and great with demonstrations to help us get deeper into various hip openers and poses. It was very intense and I’m certain I’m going to feel it tomorrow.

I just ate dinner which included some fresh guacamole, shrimp kabobs and veggies and a little gluten, dairy (taste) free slice of carrot cake (it got the job done at least) and a (really strong) margarita! It was delicious and the perfect ending to my day of activity and relaxation.

I was asleep by 8:40 last night and I’m sure after this margarita (which is basically liquor and 2 fresh squeezed limes) I’ll be asleep at a similar, if not significantly earlier, time tonight.

If you can’t tell from my post that I’m having a great time, then I’ll say it now…I’m so thankful to have this opportunity. This is just what I needed!

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