Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat Day 3

Much like yesterday, today began relatively early after a not so great night of sleep. I will admit, though my room is very charming and very “Mayan”, there is no air conditioning and that is very hard to get used to. I am a very hot natured person as it is and was stupid enough to get sunburned yesterday, which made last night even more toasty. I’m finding the zen and not complaining though…it’s not like I can’t sleep all day if I choose. (My next yoga retreat will be at a resort with air conditioning though). 🙂

Anyway, after a yummy smoothie and some more fresh OJ, I made my way to 8:15 yoga. Today’s practice was Alquimia yoga which is the instructor, Victor Varana’s, personal style of yoga. It was very restorative but also very intense. We held several poses for quite a while and after the hip opening class last night, I was feeling the long holds. I am making lots of minor changes to various poses that I’ve been doing for years to move things more in alignment and be stronger in my practice. Getting “better” at something always feels good.

After yoga, a great girl I’ve met, Sydney, and I walked down to the bike rental shop. She’s an ex-Lehman Bros investment banker and we have lots in common. We rented two (very old, rickety) bikes and peddled our way 5-6 miles down to the Mayan Ruins. There is basically an entire city of ruins and these are one of the few remaining situated on water. The views were amazing, the structures were huge and impressive, though I have to say my appreciation for them as a whole probably could be more. After we had seen 3-4 of the buildings they all started kinda looking the same. 😉 I’m glad I went though.

After the ruins we rode our bikes to the beach and went for a dip to cool off before heading to Mateo’s Mexican Restaurant for, what I’ve heard from no less than 10 people, are the best fish tacos ever! I love fish tacos so had to see for myself. They sure didn’t disappoint and the fresh mango salsa that went on them was the kicker. So very delicious enjoyed with a mango margarita!

Post mid-day margarita I opted for a quick hour nap before my 4pm class. Sadie has invited me to drop into one of her classes whenever so I took the opportunity to do so tonight! Her practice is very focused on core alignment and I really enjoy practicing with her. She’s very insightful with an occasional side of NY f-bomb thrown in, which is right up my alley! Some people might take offense to it but I find it awesome. We had a 30 min group discussion after practice which was neat to expand yoga beyond just warriors and folding.

I’m currently enjoying a huge salad, seafood soup, a spinach and manchenga stuffed zucchini, a little flan, and of course, a margarita. As I said, the food has yet to disappoint! Sydney and I are contemplating taking our bikes into town for a few cocktails tonight but the weather is looking “islandy” and spotty right now so we shall see. Post 1 glass of pure grain liquor margarita I’m pretty worthless.

Namaste my friends. I hope all is well back in the states! 🙂

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