Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat Day 4

I sit and drink a mango margarita as I type this post. Seems to be a nightly tradition here in Maya Tulum for me. 🙂 I rarely drink at home but it’s been nice to wind down with a cocktail here on vacation.

Today began slightly later than the last 3 as the wind has died down some and my friend Sydney gave me some ear plugs to drown out the screaming birds. This bode well for sleeping. After another quick smoothie, I headed straight to the morning practice. I am seeing the classes get progressively more challenging as the week goes on, but I will say they are a complete breeze compared to what I’m used to at my home studio. Given how frequently I’m practicing though, I’m totally ok with it. I am still getting cardio workouts in during the day and my yoga practice feels wonderful. The class sizes have grown from 4 on day 1 to about 12 this morning due to people trickling in for their vacations. The additional energy from more bodies in the room is awesome. I’m really enjoying the different types of teaching styles and finding new ways to get into poses.

After class, I went straight to my room and put on my running gear. I had plans to do a 1000-rep workout that I like to do, but running was calling my name again. It was overcast and cooler than it’s been which likely pursuaded me. The 1000-rep workout also includes lots of (100) burpees and push ups (100) and squats (100) and I wanted to save my strength for yoga while I’m here. It was a good decision to run. I did a “real” run workout with tempo, threshold and some walking and it’s amazing how open and good my body feels. Typically it takes me 1-2 miles not to feel like absolute ass, but with all this deep yoga, everything is so open and ready. It rained on me lightly for the last 3-4 min and I didn’t complain. It poured 2 min after I got back to my room.

Post yoga run I hit the sheets for a nap since it was raining and I absolutely love a good nap after a hard workout. I came up and had lunch after and just chilled out chatting with some people I’ve met for the afternoon. Yogies are so awesome.

At 4pm I had an Aloe Wrap scheduled at the spa to alleviate the sunburn sting that’s still haunting me. This treatment is not for the modest at heart. You basically strip naked, lay on top of a wet, cold sheet, they slather you in freezing cold fresh aloe (like they squeeze it from the plant in the room) and then you lay there getting a foot massage and facial while the aloe does it’s thing. After, you walked naked to the shower (while your masseuse accompanies you) to rinse off the aloe. Then it’s back to the table, still naked, for your coating of aloe infused oil. It definitely took the sting out of my sunburn though and I couldn’t care less about a 50 something year old Mexican lady seeing me naked, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I’ll be completely mended by tomorrow and maybe brave enough to lay out, with my 9,000 SPF under an umbrella for an hour or two tomorrow. 🙂

Since my wrap went from 4-5:15, I missed the 5pm class tonight. Instead, I went to the studio after and did a self-practice. It was nice to hit all my favorite poses and hold them as long or as little as my heart desired. There was another girl there practicing as well, so we decided to take some photos of each other doing our favorite poses. I’m not much for selfies or anything but I’ve always wanted to capture myself in some of these poses! Here are a few of my favorites.



After a dinner of almond crusted flounder, I’m heading out to Mateos again for a cocktail with 2 girls I met. Looking forward to getting off campus for a little!!

Until tomorrow friends;

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