Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat Day 5

Writing “day 5” makes me sad cause that means there’s only day 6 and day 7 left. Boo. 😦

But the days here are long. An hour actually feels like an hour, and not 5 min like it does at home when deadlines are pressing, meetings are scheduled, dogs need fed, the cat is screaming (literally), workouts need completing and life is rolling along at 100mph. Here on the beach, life is slow, every moment of life is enjoyed, just how it should be.

Today began with the same smoothie after a great nights sleep. It got waaaayyy cool here last night after the storm we had and the wind is back to a cool ocean breeze. All is right in Tulum. Given the cool temps, I actually slept bundled up under the covers, windows closed and toasty in my bed. It was magical.

This mornings practice incorporated martial arts into our transitions from pose to pose which made it pretty awesome, fun and different. Victor was our teacher again and this was definitely my favorite practice since I’ve been here. We did lots of arm balances and more challenging poses and I left feeling strong and open. I’m looking forward to Victor’s classes again on Friday!

My sunburn is finally manageable, the aloe wrap helped a ton, so I was able to sit out for a little in the shade and read. I took an hour long walk down the beach and saw all the different resorts as well as various topless women and naked men. Yes. Naked men. Laying out. I guess not much isn’t allowed here in Mexico. I’m ok with it but can’t lie that it was startling to glance left and see “all that” when not expecting it. 😉

After my walk I came back for some lunch and caught up with the world before making my way back to my room for a nice nap. There really is nothing like a nap. If you’re not a napper, you’re missing out on something great. 🙂 Post (longer than I planned) nap, I tied on my shoes and yup, went for another run. I’m shocked at how good my foot feels which is leading me to some conclusions that my foot issues are more related to my tight soleus than I thought. More on that later.

I ran 30 min and included 2 x’s (2 min at tempo with 2 min, 90 sec, 1 min and 30 sec recovery). It’s was the perfect workout for what I was feeling and again, I can’t believe how good my legs and body feel. Reason #2,000 why runners should practice yoga!! I got back from my run just in time to rinse off and head over to our 5pm yoga class which was the perfect balance of restorative and challenge. I have never practiced yoga this much consecutively and it’s pretty nice to do your first downward dog and forward fold and not feel like you are literally going to snap in half. I always fear at home that the teacher will assist me during one of our first downward dogs cause everything is so tight I feel like I might break if pushed any deeper. Class wrapped up at 6:15 and I was feeling energetic so I decided to do a quick strength workout after including 50 pushups, 50 squats, 50 donkey kicks on each leg, 50 sit ups and 50 bicycle crunches. Nothing major but a great end to my workout day.

I will admit the most difficult part of this trip for me workout-wise is the inability to switch up my cardio routines. I’m so used to biking, swimming, running, ellipticalling and athletic conditioning throughout the week that having really only the option to run or do burpee/athletic conditioning type workouts is hard for me. I’m also trying to avoid too much other strength stuff so if feel good for yoga so I’m avoiding the a/c type stuff. I rarely ever run two days consecutively at home but I am thankful my body is playing nice and allowing me to do so here. I’d love to go for a swim but the water is definitely too rough and that would just end up being no fun. So running it is and I’m really enjoying it.

Post yoga and mini workout, it was again time to hit the spa. Tonight’s treatment was a Mayan Clay massage which hit the ball out of the park. The freikin cats meow, I tell ya! Mayan Clay is basically a natural cleanser for the skin that removes impurities. They exfoliate your entire body with a sea salt/sand mixture and then lather you up in clay while massaging simultaneously. The Mayans are known for their body treatments including one that involves massage of the abdomen to “rearrange” the internal organs. You can Google it and finds all sorts of neat info. My treatment was a combo and included about 25 min of the abdominal work…score! It was amazing to feel her “work out” all sorts of impurities from within, some I wasn’t even feeling. After your entire body, face and even hair are covered in the clay, they wrap you in a warm towel and you relax while it dries. It feels so wonderful. You then shower to rinse the clay and then get a second shorter full body massage, this time with a complimentary moisturizing oil. The whole process is 90 min long and one of the most relaxing, luxurious things I’ve ever experienced. I even bought some clay for me and some family back home. 🙂 If this treatment is ever available to you, I highly recommend.

My massage didn’t end until 8:30 so I headed for a quick dinner of salad, quinoa topped with roasted veggies and, of course, flan to top it off! No margarita tonight. I think the sour/lime was giving me a little bit of heartburn. 😦 I notified my masseuse about this and she focused the abdominal portion on relieving it. Hokey as it may sound, it’s actually gone! She recommended I avoid guacamole and lime for 24 hours. Boo.

So that about wraps up my day. It’s chilly here again tonight and I’m looking forward to burying in my covers and listening to the ocean while I sleep. Soaking up and enjoying every piece of heaven I can while I’m here!

Until tomorrow! Namaste amigos!

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