Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat Day 6 and 7

I didn’t get a chance to update yesterday because life here in Tulum has kinda taken on a very similar pattern as it has at home….on the go! I’ve met some super cool girls so we’ve been coordinating meals and stuff to do during the day, which means coordinating schedules and bouncing from here to there with less downtime. I’m not complaining because the girls are great and I think they will be people I keep in touch with through yoga retreats, email, Facebook and such, but is has definitely taken a toll on my “me time”. One can never have too many friends and connections!


Anywho, yesterday was a great day. We’ve keep saying that the days have gotten better everyday and yesterday was my favorite! The morning was filled with yoga and breakfast with friends followed by an afternoon on the beach. The weather was the best we’ve had yet. The breeze was constant so there was never a sweating moment while hanging in your lawn chair but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! Even with my 9,000 lbs of 200 SPF, I still managed to get a nice tan!

5:00 yoga was taught by Sem again and he is great but very intense. He wants every single person in the class in the perfect posture before we move to the next. When there are 10 people in the class, this can take a while! Needless to say, it was a great workout and I left with burning legs and hips! We also worked on lots of arm balances which it’s always fun to challenge yourself to try new and different postures.

I had mentioned I was teetering on doing the 1000 rep workout to my friend Sydney after class and she was all over it. I was excited to have a buddy to do it with! I definitely miss my sissy and Emily this week! Sydney is less into cardio type fitness than I am so we set her a goal to complete 6 rounds while I did 10. She did great and made it through 6 1/2!! She has been “boasting” (jokingly) that she worked out with an ironman and it’s making me laugh. I’ve always liked people who are funny. 🙂

After the workout, we met our little group of friends for an awesome dinner of salad, almond crusted fish, veggies and corn cake for dessert! Yes, corn + cake. Sounds awful, but was seriously the best thing I’ve had since I’ve been here!! The perfect mix of sweet and salty deliciousness.

We ended the night with tons of laughter and lots of fun crazy stories. All of my friends here are from NYC and they are usually unique, deep, interesting people and these 4 define that! It’s been super fun!

This morning started my last full day here. I’m truly sad but all good things must come to an end. 😦 I’m already in a routine here and am bouncing around from place to place so vacation life is almost the same as home life by now (without some people I miss and my sweet puppies) so that really means it’s time to return to reality. The first Monday at work after vacation is always tough.

This morning there was a 7am meditation before our 8:15 practice. I have refused to set an alarm while I’ve been here so I went to sleep last night telling myself I’d go to meditation if I was up in time. Well I woke up right at 7 and was ok with skipping. It was so cool out so I headed out for my last run while here….a 45 min slow-ish run on the great running path. I have enjoyed having no hills for a week. 🙂



I made it back just in time for 8:15 class which was challenging. It was with Victor again who has been my favorite instructor and we worked lots of tough core poses! I can say with 100% certainty, I am stronger after this week. 2 1/2 hours of yoga a day for 7 consecutive days will definitely do that! It’s a great feeling!

After yoga we soaked up the last few hours of rays this afternoon. I dozed in my chair my fair share and again, I’m not sorry. I’m reading Ariana Huffigton’s book, (founder of The Huffington Post) Thrive, about unplugging, the need for sleep, meditation, yoga and general taking care of our minds. It’s pretty appropriate and kind of ironic that I’m reading it. I knew nothing about it when I downloaded as it was a last minute recommendation from a friend. Very fitting though.

Tonight’s yoga class was Slow Flow and another favorite. It was exactly what my body needed as I am a little sore from my 1000 reps last night. It was truly the perfect way to end the yoga week.

I will update more on my overall thoughts on this trip, what I’ve learned, reflected on, etc when I get back. I sit and wait on my friends for our final dinner together. Funny how you can get to know people so well in just a weeks time. I’m so glad to have met them though…they have made my trip complete.

Dinner tonight will be fish tomales, mashed sweet potatoes, veggies and the most delicious salad I’ve had in a long time. I don’t even know what the lettuce was, different from anything I’ve had, but amazing.

Thanks for everyone checking in! See you in the states!

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