Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat Day 5


Writing “day 5” makes me sad cause that means there’s only day 6 and day 7 left. Boo. 😦

But the days here are long. An hour actually feels like an hour, and not 5 min like it does at home when deadlines are pressing, meetings are scheduled, dogs need fed, the cat is screaming (literally), workouts need completing and life is rolling along at 100mph. Here on the beach, life is slow, every moment of life is enjoyed, just how it should be.

Today began with the same smoothie after a great nights sleep. It got waaaayyy cool here last night after the storm we had and the wind is back to a cool ocean breeze. All is right in Tulum. Given the cool temps, I actually slept bundled up under the covers, windows closed and toasty in my bed. It was magical.

This mornings practice incorporated martial arts into our transitions from pose to pose which made it pretty awesome, fun and different. Victor was our teacher again and this was definitely my favorite practice since I’ve been here. We did lots of arm balances and more challenging poses and I left feeling strong and open. I’m looking forward to Victor’s classes again on Friday!

My sunburn is finally manageable, the aloe wrap helped a ton, so I was able to sit out for a little in the shade and read. I took an hour long walk down the beach and saw all the different resorts as well as various topless women and naked men. Yes. Naked men. Laying out. I guess not much isn’t allowed here in Mexico. I’m ok with it but can’t lie that it was startling to glance left and see “all that” when not expecting it. πŸ˜‰

After my walk I came back for some lunch and caught up with the world before making my way back to my room for a nice nap. There really is nothing like a nap. If you’re not a napper, you’re missing out on something great. πŸ™‚ Post (longer than I planned) nap, I tied on my shoes and yup, went for another run. I’m shocked at how good my foot feels which is leading me to some conclusions that my foot issues are more related to my tight soleus than I thought. More on that later.

I ran 30 min and included 2 x’s (2 min at tempo with 2 min, 90 sec, 1 min and 30 sec recovery). It’s was the perfect workout for what I was feeling and again, I can’t believe how good my legs and body feel. Reason #2,000 why runners should practice yoga!! I got back from my run just in time to rinse off and head over to our 5pm yoga class which was the perfect balance of restorative and challenge. I have never practiced yoga this much consecutively and it’s pretty nice to do your first downward dog and forward fold and not feel like you are literally going to snap in half. I always fear at home that the teacher will assist me during one of our first downward dogs cause everything is so tight I feel like I might break if pushed any deeper. Class wrapped up at 6:15 and I was feeling energetic so I decided to do a quick strength workout after including 50 pushups, 50 squats, 50 donkey kicks on each leg, 50 sit ups and 50 bicycle crunches. Nothing major but a great end to my workout day.

I will admit the most difficult part of this trip for me workout-wise is the inability to switch up my cardio routines. I’m so used to biking, swimming, running, ellipticalling and athletic conditioning throughout the week that having really only the option to run or do burpee/athletic conditioning type workouts is hard for me. I’m also trying to avoid too much other strength stuff so if feel good for yoga so I’m avoiding the a/c type stuff. I rarely ever run two days consecutively at home but I am thankful my body is playing nice and allowing me to do so here. I’d love to go for a swim but the water is definitely too rough and that would just end up being no fun. So running it is and I’m really enjoying it.

Post yoga and mini workout, it was again time to hit the spa. Tonight’s treatment was a Mayan Clay massage which hit the ball out of the park. The freikin cats meow, I tell ya! Mayan Clay is basically a natural cleanser for the skin that removes impurities. They exfoliate your entire body with a sea salt/sand mixture and then lather you up in clay while massaging simultaneously. The Mayans are known for their body treatments including one that involves massage of the abdomen to “rearrange” the internal organs. You can Google it and finds all sorts of neat info. My treatment was a combo and included about 25 min of the abdominal work…score! It was amazing to feel her “work out” all sorts of impurities from within, some I wasn’t even feeling. After your entire body, face and even hair are covered in the clay, they wrap you in a warm towel and you relax while it dries. It feels so wonderful. You then shower to rinse the clay and then get a second shorter full body massage, this time with a complimentary moisturizing oil. The whole process is 90 min long and one of the most relaxing, luxurious things I’ve ever experienced. I even bought some clay for me and some family back home. πŸ™‚ If this treatment is ever available to you, I highly recommend.

My massage didn’t end until 8:30 so I headed for a quick dinner of salad, quinoa topped with roasted veggies and, of course, flan to top it off! No margarita tonight. I think the sour/lime was giving me a little bit of heartburn. 😦 I notified my masseuse about this and she focused the abdominal portion on relieving it. Hokey as it may sound, it’s actually gone! She recommended I avoid guacamole and lime for 24 hours. Boo.

So that about wraps up my day. It’s chilly here again tonight and I’m looking forward to burying in my covers and listening to the ocean while I sleep. Soaking up and enjoying every piece of heaven I can while I’m here!

Until tomorrow! Namaste amigos!

Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat Day 4


I sit and drink a mango margarita as I type this post. Seems to be a nightly tradition here in Maya Tulum for me. πŸ™‚ I rarely drink at home but it’s been nice to wind down with a cocktail here on vacation.

Today began slightly later than the last 3 as the wind has died down some and my friend Sydney gave me some ear plugs to drown out the screaming birds. This bode well for sleeping. After another quick smoothie, I headed straight to the morning practice. I am seeing the classes get progressively more challenging as the week goes on, but I will say they are a complete breeze compared to what I’m used to at my home studio. Given how frequently I’m practicing though, I’m totally ok with it. I am still getting cardio workouts in during the day and my yoga practice feels wonderful. The class sizes have grown from 4 on day 1 to about 12 this morning due to people trickling in for their vacations. The additional energy from more bodies in the room is awesome. I’m really enjoying the different types of teaching styles and finding new ways to get into poses.

After class, I went straight to my room and put on my running gear. I had plans to do a 1000-rep workout that I like to do, but running was calling my name again. It was overcast and cooler than it’s been which likely pursuaded me. The 1000-rep workout also includes lots of (100) burpees and push ups (100) and squats (100) and I wanted to save my strength for yoga while I’m here. It was a good decision to run. I did a “real” run workout with tempo, threshold and some walking and it’s amazing how open and good my body feels. Typically it takes me 1-2 miles not to feel like absolute ass, but with all this deep yoga, everything is so open and ready. It rained on me lightly for the last 3-4 min and I didn’t complain. It poured 2 min after I got back to my room.

Post yoga run I hit the sheets for a nap since it was raining and I absolutely love a good nap after a hard workout. I came up and had lunch after and just chilled out chatting with some people I’ve met for the afternoon. Yogies are so awesome.

At 4pm I had an Aloe Wrap scheduled at the spa to alleviate the sunburn sting that’s still haunting me. This treatment is not for the modest at heart. You basically strip naked, lay on top of a wet, cold sheet, they slather you in freezing cold fresh aloe (like they squeeze it from the plant in the room) and then you lay there getting a foot massage and facial while the aloe does it’s thing. After, you walked naked to the shower (while your masseuse accompanies you) to rinse off the aloe. Then it’s back to the table, still naked, for your coating of aloe infused oil. It definitely took the sting out of my sunburn though and I couldn’t care less about a 50 something year old Mexican lady seeing me naked, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I’ll be completely mended by tomorrow and maybe brave enough to lay out, with my 9,000 SPF under an umbrella for an hour or two tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Since my wrap went from 4-5:15, I missed the 5pm class tonight. Instead, I went to the studio after and did a self-practice. It was nice to hit all my favorite poses and hold them as long or as little as my heart desired. There was another girl there practicing as well, so we decided to take some photos of each other doing our favorite poses. I’m not much for selfies or anything but I’ve always wanted to capture myself in some of these poses! Here are a few of my favorites.



After a dinner of almond crusted flounder, I’m heading out to Mateos again for a cocktail with 2 girls I met. Looking forward to getting off campus for a little!!

Until tomorrow friends;

Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat Day 3


Much like yesterday, today began relatively early after a not so great night of sleep. I will admit, though my room is very charming and very “Mayan”, there is no air conditioning and that is very hard to get used to. I am a very hot natured person as it is and was stupid enough to get sunburned yesterday, which made last night even more toasty. I’m finding the zen and not complaining though…it’s not like I can’t sleep all day if I choose. (My next yoga retreat will be at a resort with air conditioning though). πŸ™‚

Anyway, after a yummy smoothie and some more fresh OJ, I made my way to 8:15 yoga. Today’s practice was Alquimia yoga which is the instructor, Victor Varana’s, personal style of yoga. It was very restorative but also very intense. We held several poses for quite a while and after the hip opening class last night, I was feeling the long holds. I am making lots of minor changes to various poses that I’ve been doing for years to move things more in alignment and be stronger in my practice. Getting “better” at something always feels good.

After yoga, a great girl I’ve met, Sydney, and I walked down to the bike rental shop. She’s an ex-Lehman Bros investment banker and we have lots in common. We rented two (very old, rickety) bikes and peddled our way 5-6 miles down to the Mayan Ruins. There is basically an entire city of ruins and these are one of the few remaining situated on water. The views were amazing, the structures were huge and impressive, though I have to say my appreciation for them as a whole probably could be more. After we had seen 3-4 of the buildings they all started kinda looking the same. πŸ˜‰ I’m glad I went though.

After the ruins we rode our bikes to the beach and went for a dip to cool off before heading to Mateo’s Mexican Restaurant for, what I’ve heard from no less than 10 people, are the best fish tacos ever! I love fish tacos so had to see for myself. They sure didn’t disappoint and the fresh mango salsa that went on them was the kicker. So very delicious enjoyed with a mango margarita!

Post mid-day margarita I opted for a quick hour nap before my 4pm class. Sadie has invited me to drop into one of her classes whenever so I took the opportunity to do so tonight! Her practice is very focused on core alignment and I really enjoy practicing with her. She’s very insightful with an occasional side of NY f-bomb thrown in, which is right up my alley! Some people might take offense to it but I find it awesome. We had a 30 min group discussion after practice which was neat to expand yoga beyond just warriors and folding.

I’m currently enjoying a huge salad, seafood soup, a spinach and manchenga stuffed zucchini, a little flan, and of course, a margarita. As I said, the food has yet to disappoint! Sydney and I are contemplating taking our bikes into town for a few cocktails tonight but the weather is looking “islandy” and spotty right now so we shall see. Post 1 glass of pure grain liquor margarita I’m pretty worthless.

Namaste my friends. I hope all is well back in the states! πŸ™‚

Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat Day 2


So day 2 is wrapping up and my words to describe today include relaxing, peaceful and thankful!!

I awoke earlier than I would have liked listening to several (thousand?) birds screaming chirping outside my window and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. It was a slightly more peaceful way to wake up than with my max volume “horn” of an alarm at home. I laid in bed reading for a little before meandering my way over for breakfast before my 8:15 practice. The food has been wonderful- I had 2 scrambled eggs with manchenga, loads of veggies, a side of gluten free toast and fresh (I mean, fresh) squeezed OJ! It was delicious.

The 8:15 practice was “beginner vinyasa flow” and was the perfect start to my day. The first thing the teacher asked us was to practice like a beginner, even if we weren’t. It was actually pretty neat to focus so meticulously again on poses I have been doing for 7/8 years now. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but to spend more than 15 sec in a pose and actually tweak it to “perfection” was kind of cool. The studio / classes I attend in Charlotte are very high pace and high intensity / energy and I love them, but it was nice to change the pace this morning. I didn’t feel worn out after class, just relaxed and stretched out.

After a 2nd very small sampling of breakfast I made my way to the spa where I would be for the next 2 hours.

It. Was. Magical!

Don’t get me wrong, I have an awesome massage therapist in Charlotte who is truly amazing at body work and I LOVE going to see, but there’s something about hearing the ocean while pampering yourself that takes it to the next level. I felt very fortunate the whole time I laid there and got worked on.

After my massage, I promptly put on my suit and headed to a lawn chair on the beach, lathered in 200 lbs of 9,000 SPF sunscreen, of course! Given my early wake up, I immediately dozed for for a good hour in my chair before making my way in for lunch. The weather is gorgeous with lots of wind which is nice for keeping cool while relaxing and sleeping on the beach. I have thought to myself no less than a dozen times though “I’m sure glad I’m not here for a race”. The wind would be VERY concerning. πŸ™‚

After lunch, I opted for a bit more lawn chair time and again, some more snoozing. In total, I took 3 separate naps today and I’m not sorry. πŸ™‚

By about 3:30 I was feeling like I’d had plenty of sun. As it turns out, a downfall of beach vacations alone is not being able to apply sunscreen adequately to your own back. Holy sunburn! And there’s nothing like zero sun for 6 months and then Mexico…doh!

With my new red back and splotches all over, I made my way back to my room for a run and some downtime before my 5pm hip opener practice. Being a runner/athlete is very counterproductive to open hips so I was really looking forward to this session. I ran 5 very very slow miles and enjoyed the scenery. My ankle wasn’t killing me, for once, after my run yesterday so I was excited to go again today! I didn’t feel like running hard today like I did yesterday, so I didn’t. There is definitely a beauty of being on your own schedule. :).

The minute I walked in door for yoga the instructor asked me what other activities I do because clearly looking like a linebacker doesn’t scream yogie. I’ve been asked this about 5 times in the 2 days I’ve been here further making that point. :-/ Anyway, the instructor was super knowledgable and great with demonstrations to help us get deeper into various hip openers and poses. It was very intense and I’m certain I’m going to feel it tomorrow.

I just ate dinner which included some fresh guacamole, shrimp kabobs and veggies and a little gluten, dairy (taste) free slice of carrot cake (it got the job done at least) and a (really strong) margarita! It was delicious and the perfect ending to my day of activity and relaxation.

I was asleep by 8:40 last night and I’m sure after this margarita (which is basically liquor and 2 fresh squeezed limes) I’ll be asleep at a similar, if not significantly earlier, time tonight.

If you can’t tell from my post that I’m having a great time, then I’ll say it now…I’m so thankful to have this opportunity. This is just what I needed!

Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat Day 1


Hello from sunny Mexico!

I arrived safe and sound today at about 4:30 local time. It was a long day of traveling after waiting much longer than anticipated for the shuttle from Cancun and after a ~90 min drive to the resort, but was all worth it as we pulled into our tiny little piece of heaven.

There is an organized yoga retreat here this week that is separate from the Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness “Package” I chose. I was lucky enough to ride the shuttle here from the airport with Sadie Nardini, the instructor from NY who will co-lead the other retreat. She’s a super cool, down to earth, eclectic NYer chick and we clicked right away! We talked the whole ride here from Cancun and laughed quite a bit for two people who had only known each other 30 min.

Immediately after checking in and getting settled, I did one of my favorite things to do when I get to a new place…run! The resort is very secluded but not far from the actual town of Tulum. I did a nice 4 mile run through the town and loosened the travel out of my legs. The weather is gorgeous with an awesome ocean breeze so I took full advantage. I have been running very little lately because of my foot so it felt extra special! I do have to ask though, WHY do people in foreign countries look at someone running like they have 7 heads?? Have they never seen a runner before?? Reminded me of being in Jamaica when all the cab drivers would ask me if I needed a ride, while out running. Ummm, no. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I got back from my run just in time to meet Sadie for what she calls her “yoga shred.” She has some videos out and teaches yoga all over the world so I jumped all over the opportunity for a quick private yoga session! We went down to the beach and did yoga poses with cross training mixed in. For example, jumping chair pose. Like 100 reps. Ouch! And pulsing half moon. But it was so peaceful with the ocean right there and was a really great quick workout if you’re crunched for time!

So that wraps up day 1. I have internet in the restaurant so I will try to check in daily but so far so good! Waiting on mango fish tacos and a Maya Tulum smoothie for dinner and then I imagine I’ll be in the racks by 9pm. Yoga is at 9:30 and 5:15pm tomorrow and I have a 2 hour long spa appointment at 12!!! Cannot wait!


Yoga and Wellness Retreat!


I have gotten a lot of questions since I posted on Facebook last week about the Yoga and Wellness Retreat I recently scheduled so here’s a little more detail! I am very very excited for my first vacation in a year, with no racing involved, and a total relaxation / wellness focus for an entire week!

My yoga background: In addition to swimming, biking and running, I have remained dedicated to practicing vinyasa yoga about 1-3 times a week since 2006. I love love love to ride by bike, but the ease of yoga (i.e. grab mat, towel, minimal clothing) gives it one slight notch up as my favorite type of workout. Most importantly, I have seen tremendous improvement in all aspects of my life with consistent yoga practice – both physically and mentally. The patience and tolerance you learn from practicing yoga (particularly very hot yoga) is unlike anything you can train yourself elsewhere. The dedication is takes to work your body into a new pose is very rewarding – much the same as hitting new paces on a run, new power, or new swim interals…and I thrive off of that stuff. But, yoga is a “competition” amongst you, and only you. There is no competition in the yoga studio and that is what I love about it. Yoga is not judgemental, yoga is accepting that not everyone is or wants to be “elite”, and yoga accepts listening to your body. And I love it!

Why I decided to book the retreat: The yoga studio I attend, Y2 Yoga, hosts semi-annual yoga retreats for small groups of students who wish to attend as do the other studios here in Charlotte. I’ve always thought to myself “wow, that sounds awesome” every time I’ve seen advertisements for such retreats, but have always been too busy racing and training to actually take the time to book one. After a long conversation with my wonderful work-mentor who continuously provides me not only career advise, but insights on how to live life to its fullest, I decided to go ahead and do it! Since the next retreat with Y2 wasn’t until fall, I sought out a retreat of my own. My foot is not at a point where it could handle intense training (running), but I think it could manage a week of yoga. So this seemed like the perfect time!

The retreat: The resort is in Maya Tulum Mexico, located outside of Cancun on the Yukotan Peninsula. I have been to the Mayan Riviera before and it was fabulous.


My retreat is April 5-12th. The resort contains only 35 cabanas to which I have selected one that is ocean front – you can’t go to Mexico and not stay on the water!


The package I opted for includes:

1. Daily morning and evening yoga practice – one power or vinyasa session indoors in the morning and one restorative session on the pier in the evening.
2. 3 daily gluten free / vegetarian meals (I opted to add the seafood package to mine), all you can drink smoothies, protein drinks, coffee, tea, etc.
3. 2-half day excursions of your choice. I think I will horseback ride on the beach and take a trip to the local ruins, but will update on my final decision after the trip.
4. 3, 80-minute spa treatments – need I say more? I’m not sure if I’m more excited about the yoga or the spa πŸ™‚
5. 2 personal training sessions with the on-staff trainers.
6. A scuba lesson, unlimited snorkeling and kayaking, and access to the resort’s boat (scheduled ahead with a driver – they don’t just let you cruise around the ocean in their boat!)
7. Transportation to and from the airport – boring, but necessary.

Why Mexico: If you do a Google search for yoga retreats, you will see that there are TONS of places to attend – the most common places I found were California, Europe, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil. I was very close to booking a retreat in Brazil, but many of the reviews commented on the quantity of bugs, so I opted against. I have never been to Brazil and would love to go someday, but I do not like bugs. Period. Also swaying my decision is that Mexico is very easy to get to via a quick 3 hour plane ride. I liked that this particular resort in Mexico was less structured. Some of the retreats I came across required you to particiapte in morning and evening meditation and various other yoga-esque things (sanskrit reading, daily quiet time, chanting, etc). I would enjoy meditating a time or two while I am gone, but I wasn’t up for any “requirements” on my vacation.

“You’re going alone?”: I’ve gotten this question from various people. Yup, I am going alone! Everyone I know (I mean everyone) that I would want to have on such trip is either married, getting married (i.e planning a wedding), have (several) young kids, or are on a budget. Last year was a very busy, stressful year for me at work and in my personal life and I wanted to do something for myself for getting through all of that. I am comfortable enough in my own skin to book a vacation alone and I feel very safe at this particular resort. There are no cell phones, internet is only avaliable at the resort office and the outlets are not sufficient to support laptops (or hair dryers!) so needless to say, I will be truly unplugging while I’m there. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wonder / worry a little if I will get lonely by the end of the week and about what my hair will look like, but I was assured that there will be plenty of other individuals and guests at the resort to interact with (who also won’t be drying their hair). The excursions are in small groups as well so it will be nice to have company when I so desire πŸ™‚

I plan to do a lot of unwinding, which I have come to the realization that I just cannot force myself to do at home. Every spare hour is always filled with some sort of errand, meeting whoever for coffee, lunch, or grabbing a yoga practice. I’m looking forward to spending a week of my life slightly out of my comfort zone, dedicated to expanding my horizons and my well-being, and doing something I love – yoga and soaking up the sun (with 80 SPF sunscreen, of course). We only have one life to live and we should live it to its fullest!

Only seems fitting to end with…Namaste.

Having Fun!


Hello blog readers! It’s been since Thanksgiving since I checked in here so I figured it was time to post a quick update.

This time last year I was in, what was likely, the best shape of my life. I was hitting paces I never thought possible, power numbers on my bike that I’d never seen before and actually feeling pretty good in the water. I went into Ironman Cabo in March excited, fit, ready…and in pain! Post Ironman was allllll about recovery. I had been training and racing on a bum foot for nearly 8 months and it was time to figure out a game plan. Post surgery in April, I still spent much of the spring and early summer thinking I’d be back to racing before long, holding on to all the fitness I’d built in 2012 and over the winter into 2013, and with a late season race schedule looming. However, when I was still in pain by August, I decided it was time to put thoughts of racing on the back burner and focus all of my attention at getting my foot back to normal.

Well it worked! So after November, I’ve been somewhat scott-free on the pain front and it’s been awesome. I definitely still have my occasional (and not unusual for me) “foot stuff” that randomly hurts here and there, but I think small amounts of periodic pain for people who run is pretty common. That said, I’ve been asked over and over…”so, what’s next?” “What are you training for?” “What’s your first race gonna be this year?”

The most honest answer I can come up with is “I have no idea”…because I truly don’t. I spent the last several years of my life training pretty darn hard, sacraficing things I may have otherwise wanted to do, and rearranging / coordinating my life around my training and racing. I’m thankful I have a family and friends who were (well, are) so incredibly understanding of the rearranging so I could fit in my training. And I loved it! I loved being in “tip top” shape and the competition of the sport! I loved racing. I loved the lifestyle it took to race hard and the good races are such fond memories, while the bad races are some of the best learning experiences in my life. I’ve built so many awesome memories racing and have traveled to so many places that I NEVER would have traveled otherwise without doing so to race. It was an awesome 5 years of my life.

But being injured and being forced to step back from that lifestyle for a while has taught me a lot about myself and put my life in a wonderful prospective. Yes, I will still race, I still love to workout and be fit, I still love some of the people I’ve met through triathlon and look forward to lifetime of friendships with them…but I also love my life outside of triathlon which has been a little on the “back burner” for a few years. I have always made it a point to participate and attend all functions and events with my friends / family even when I have been amidst intense training, but I have also realized this year that at times, I was maybe not truly “present” at those events because my next workout, my next race, my past workout, etc was always in the back of my mind. The energy it took to rearrange my life around my workout schedule or race calendar started to take some of the fun out of it. It’s just inevitable that when you’re racing and training hard (especially when you decide to do longer distance racing), you have to focus a lot (most all?) of your mental and physcial energy on it, or else you will not be able to achieve what you’re looking to do.

So the goal of 2014 is to have fun! Have fun doing whatever tickles my fancy at any given point in time. I’ve done so many new, different, challenging, truly FUN workouts this year outside of swim, bike and run that I feel so refreshed. I’ve incorporated a lot more strength into my routine and have enjoyed doing “what feels good” each day. Now this doesn’t mean I do a 20 min run and call it a day, but it also doesn’t mean if my body / mind are telling me to slow down on a day I planned to run tempo, I don’t. It has been nice to listen to my body and push when it tells me it’s ok, and back it down when it tells me I’m overcooked. I’d say I’m running 2-3 times a week, sometimes easy, and sometimes hard, sometimes far, sometimes not; I’m swimming 2-3 times a week with my sister and loving every swim set (for the first time ever!), I’m doing athletic conditioning when it feels right, yoga when things are tight, riding on the weekends and occasionally on my trainer, t-runs when they feel good or I have company, or taking random classes at the Y when I feel like it. I’ve spent a lot of time working out with my sister which has been great QT together. It has brought the fun back into being fit again and it is what is working for me right now. I plan to do a few random races here and there, probably shorter local races, and I am hoping I can toe the line with the same mentality as my 2014 mantra – HAVE FUN! I’m 100% certain there will be a time in my life again that I have the urge to do another sub-xyz marathon, sub xyz-hour Ironman or whatever other crazy endeavor that comes across my plate, but for right now, I’m enjoying my current fitness level, my life outside of swim, bike, run, rinse, repeat, my job, my friends, getting ready for my sisters wedding, and whatever else fun that pops up in between!

I hope to see many of you back out on the race course this year and look forward to being the girl who’s less focused on my run split and more focused on high-fiving the volunteers as I run by. It’s yet to be determined if I can actually participate in a race with that mentality, but that’s the goal for now πŸ™‚

Happy Sunday ya’ll!