“I am fairly new to the sport of triathlon but have participated in athletics my entire life and have had many coaches. Coach Kim is top notch! I can tell you that Coach Kim does a great job getting you prepared for any event you are going to tackle regardless of distance or intensity. She is very accessible and detailed with her athletes. This is extremely important and should not be overlooked. I highly recommend giving Kim a call as you prepare for your next adventure!” ~Gary Pierce

“Coach Kim is the best coach that I have ever had. She is very hands on, always accessible and responsive and knows just how to motivate me. She is the voice inside my head telling me that I CAN do it when I feel like I want to give up. She has tailored a training plan that meshes my training and home life perfectly. Because of Coach Kim, I have been able to accomplish goals that are above and beyond what I had ever thought was possible.” ~Amanda Cash

“I started working with Coach Kim in August 2011 because I was frustrated with putting time into training, but only seeing mediocre results.  In just the short amount of time I have been working with her, I have seen my run and swim times improve significantly.  Kim helped me train for my first half marathon and I have now signed up for my first half ironman in September 2012 which I probably would have not considered doing this year without her help!  She is extremely responsive and involved with her athletes.  In addition, Kim is knowledgeable and motivational and I am thankfully to have her as a coach and a friend.  She is the absolute BEST and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in taking that next step to reach their goals!” ~Kendra Ward


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